.: Education Industry :.

Instruction and training to students enrolled in primary through high schools, college and training centers that offer the preparation needed to be accepted in the student’s career path.  Demand for a proper education environment has never been greater.  As many nations seek to pride themselves to provide the most elite programs.  Today’s classroom environment must meet and exceed the demand needed to ensure future generations be given the quality of environment needed to excel in their curricular studies.  Lighting condition, air quality are some examples of the positive or negative effects toward a pupil’s grade point average.

.: Data Center Industry :.

Growth in the information age in the last 20 years has become astronomical.  Today servers can perform billions of dollars of transaction and complex mathematical equations in a split second.  The concerns for any organization to experience a disruption of service can equate to substantial losses and to some companies the losses can be irreversible.  Services is driven by consumer needing the latest innovative fail-over offerings. The profitability of individual companies depends on it.  While many artificial intelligent software can complement human errors, the need of clean power and reliable fail-over solution is still require by human intervention.

.: Healthcare Industry :.

Companies in this industry provide a wide range of health care and social services through hospitals, doctors’ offices, nursing homes, outpatient surgery centers, and other facilities.  Demand for health care services is driven by the Bermudian public, expecting a world class advances in medical care and state-of-the-art technology with all the parallel expectation found in many of the advanced nations.  The investments made to provide the latest technologies require a high level of capital expenditure from tax payers.  Implementation, servicing and up keeping for many of the complicated lifesaving equipment is needed to ensure the patients comfort, along with reliability of the on-demand service for our medical practitioners.  Downtime in the medical sector is never an option, Bermudian and visitors have a high level of expectation for quality of care.

.: Government Industry :.

Demand for government services is driven by population, changing of political parties and more transparency toward misguided funds thanks to the speed of the information age. Smart spending by government, striving to be under budget and ahead of plan has become the expectation from voters in any government worldwide. The government sector must be cognitive of new sustainable technologies that can benefit future generations through environmental sound and cost savings decisions such as solar technology and LED lighting. Adopting smarter spending and ongoing maintenance of current investments is becoming the new mantra within government.

.: Commercial Industry :.

Whether a single commercial building or a multi-tenant commercial establishment, it has become a gold standard to provide the least amount of building business disruption.  Today’s tenant has become very nimble to relocate office’s or even geographic location if it does not meet the level of expectation to their customers, executives on their global stage or the allure of attracting and retain top industry talent.  Facility managers must anticipate and be responsive to the request of their tenants needs and to ensure they experience an office environment that is second to none.

.: Residential :.

Whether you are a “Do It Yourselfer” or are a small business owner. By taking on small projects to renovate, remodel or upgrade to today’s standards.  Many come to BAC to be inspired or get helpful advice to make their project a reality.  Reinvesting in your property isn’t just  a cosmetics change, we now know from various studies and television series, it is an excellent way to increase value in your home and you neighborhood.  Let’s all do our part to keep the charm Bermudian homes have been renown for around the world.


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