Our Mission is to bring ‘Performance’ and ‘Value’ to Solar by sourcing only the best technologies available in the market and combining them to build systems that consistently outperform the competition while still providing exceptional value for money.



BAE works with a number of high quality solar providers to bring value and performance to Bermuda’s homes and businesses, and the products we have sourced have been thoroughly tried and tested to ensure they’re a good fit for our roofs and climate.
All our projects begin with a detailed site survey and energy audit to assess the most economical and efficient ways to reduce the overall energy demand from the property. Only then, when we have maximised the potential for energy conservation, do we begin designing and sizing your solar system. Some vendors routinely ‘oversize’ systems to maximise their profit, but with BAE you can be confident you are purchasing a system that has been carefully designed and sized to match your current and projected energy requirements.

How does it work?

A Solar Photovoltaic (PV) System is part of your buildings electrical system and uses a collection of panels known as PV Modules to absorb energy from sunlight and convert it directly into electricity. The amount of electricity produced is dependent on the number of installed modules and the amount of sunshine available. PV modules are most commonly installed on rooftops but can also be ground mounted or used to provide shade to custom built structures like pergolas.

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What is ‘Net Metering’?

Net Metering, which is currently available to residential buildings in Bermuda, allows extra or ‘excess’ energy from the PV system to be exported back to the utility at the same rate as electricity is purchased creating ‘credits’ available for later consumption. This is particularly useful for homes that have little or no occupancy during the day when solar production is at its peak. Commercially metered buildings are also able to sell excess electricity back to the utility, but at a lesser rate.

Storage Solutions

While battery storage systems have been available for many years, their price and functionality have made them unattractive to all but the most enthusiastic solar devotees! However, the rapid growth of new ‘economical’ and ‘ergonomic’ battery technologies, has caused a significant shift in market demand.

Thanks to our strategic alliances with SolarEdge and Tesla we are proud to be able to offer fully integrated storage solutions that enable homeowners to survive ‘off the grid’ during periods of power interruption.


Why buy Solar?

A Solar PV System is one the best investments you can make. Imagine putting your money in a bank and getting a 15-20% rate of interest! When you purchase a PV system from BAE, you’ll enjoy significantly reduced electricity bills with a return on investment that is typically from 5–7 years. While the financial return is compelling, there is also the knowledge that you’re significantly reducing your carbon footprint and making Bermuda a ‘greener’ place to live.

Green Energy Loans

When you choose to buy a solar power system, you’ll not only see lower electricity bills and a reduction in your carbon footprint. You’ll also see an investment with an ROI of 15-20%.


Hamilton Parish Ground Installation 01

Hamilton Parish Ground Installation 02

North Shore Installation

Paget Home 22x305W 6.74 kW System

Paget Home 44x305W 13.42 kW System

Pembroke Home 14x305W 4.27 kW System

Pembroke Home 33x305W 10.06 kW System

Sandys Home 01

Sandys Home 02

Warwick Home 34x300W 10.2 kW System


Domestic water heating, using traditional water heaters, is one of the largest consumers of electricity in the home and can account for around 25% of the monthly bill, for a typical family of four. Thankfully, there are alternative technologies available that can dramatically reduce the overall cost of providing hot water.

Heat Pump Water Heaters (HPWH)

One of Bermuda’s most abundant natural resources is a never ending supply of ‘warm air’, it is always available and best of all it’s free!
Heat Pump Water Heaters exploit this resource by capturing the heat (and humidity) from the air and using it to heat water. Once the ambient heat is extracted, the heat pump will exhaust ‘cooled and dehumidified’ air that can be used to enhance air conditioning at no additional cost.

Residential HPWH range from 50 – 80 gallon capacity, are simple to install and can often be retrofitted in the same location as the old heater. Once in operation, you can expect savings of up to 70% of your water heating costs by capturing the free heat energy that is available in the air.

Commercial HPWH are ideal for buildings and businesses that use large amounts of hot water, such as restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and spas. They range in capacity from about 10,000 Btu/h to over 250,000 Btu/h, which covers the majority of water heating applications. In addition to the primary savings in electricity consumption, the free cooling and dehumidification can be used to directly or indirectly reduce the air conditioning costs to areas of the building that have the most significant heat load, for example, commercial kitchens.

Solar Thermal System

A Solar Thermal System is part of the buildings plumbing system and uses one or more thermal collectors to transfer thermal energy from the sun into a fluid that is held in the collector. When the fluid reaches a pre-determined temperature it flows from the collector to a large storage tank and is replaced by cooler fluid from the same tank. The cycle repeats until all the fluid in the tank has reached the preset maximum temperature. Solar thermal collectors are usually much larger and heavier than PV modules and are connected back to the storage tank with copper or stainless steel piping.

Solar collectors are capable of producing very high volumes of hot water and residential systems are often under utilised in Bermuda’s hot and sunny climate. For this reason, and the fact that prime solar roof space is at such a premium on a typical Bermuda house, careful consideration needs to be given to solar PV versus solar thermal for the best overall return on investment.


Spending money on a Renewable Energy (RE) system that produces long term, low cost, sustainable electricity and then using that electricity to power unnecessary and inefficient devices is at best, a very poor investment! It’s rather like buying a fuel efficient vehicle and then driving it everywhere with the parking brake engaged. It also results in RE systems that are significantly oversized and consequently overpriced.

At BAE we view renewable energy systems as the end product of a detailed analysis process that looks at the entire energy profile of the home or business and focusses on:

  1. ‘Identify opportunities for removing Energy Wastage’;
  2. ‘Upgrading and replacing essential equipment to modern efficiency standards;
  3. ‘Designing an optimally sized renewable energy system’

In our experience, the end result is often a smaller and lower priced RE system, than would have originally been required, without taking the steps to maximise conservation and efficiency.


There are few things that define the Bermuda Experience as well as relaxing by a pool with friends and family during the long lazy days of summer. Unfortunately, the running costs of the equipment behind the scenes can be far less pleasurable.

At BAE we can help to minimise those expenses with our range of:

  • Intelliflo High efficiency Variable Speed Pool Pumps from ‘Pentair’
  • Heat Pump Pool Heaters by ‘AquaCal’ to extend the swimming season
  • Solar Pool Heating solutions


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