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Bermuda Air Conditioning Ltd. (BAC) is the local leader in the analysis, design and construction of better indoor environments, offering a full line of products and services that cater to any size commercial or residential project.

Our service contracts keep your systems running smoothly with regular maintenance checks and a 24-hour on-call emergency service for air conditioning, plumbing and fire protection with our trained teams of technicians in the service department. We service all brands of air-conditioning equipment.


  • Air Conditioning
  • Energy Conservation
  • Fire Protection
  • Heating
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Plumbing
  • Refrigeration
  • Boilers
  • Chillers
  • Ventilation
  • Sheet Metal Shop



We offer air conditioning solutions for any space in your home or business to help you create the indoor environment you want.


If you are looking for a permanent cooling and heating solution, our high efficiency Panasonic and Carrier Ductless Split Systems are perfect for multiple rooms. The indoor unit connects to an outdoor unit via refrigerant lines and inter-unit wiring through a 3 1/2″ opening in the wall. Since no ductwork is required, installation is simple, fast and efficient.

To cool and heat your entire house, Central air conditioning may be your best solution. With systems from Carrier, we can install a system specific to your home space.

Alternatively, visit our Showroom for a wide selection of P-Tac through-wall units and portable window units in a variety of sizes from brand names like Carrier, Keeprite, Comfortaire and Freidrich.

Call our Sales Representatives to arrange a visit to your home to evaluate which system will best suit your needs and budget:

Andrew Cheeseman
Tel: 292.0881 | Cell: 705.9457 | Email: mb.ca1513192248b@nam1513192248eseeh1513192248ca1513192248

Steven Botelho
Tel: 292.0881 | Cell: 705.4432 | Email: mb.ca1513192248b@oll1513192248ehtob1513192248s1513192248


BAC has installed air conditioning systems in the majority of the commercial buildings throughout Hamilton and around the island. With systems from York and Trane, our commercial sales division offers complete service from conceptual design, cost estimating, installation and project management, no matter how large or small the project may be. The use of our services ensures that your air conditioning project will run smoothly from start to final commissioning.

Call our Commerical Sales Manager to evaluate which system will best suit your needs and budget:

Chris Chiappa
Tel: 278.6235 | Cell: 704.0090 | Email: mb.ca1513192248b@app1513192248aihcc1513192248

Service & Maintenance

After the purchase and installation of an air conditioning system, BAC provides on-call emergency service 24 hours a day. We offer competitive rates and incomparable reliability from our team of technicians who have been specially trained by our suppliers to maintain and service any residential or commercial air conditioning application.

To maintain the efficiency of your air conditioning system, we recommend your system be inspected and professionally cleaned at least once every few years, depending on the system you have. Our Maintenance Inspection contracts are customised to fit your requirements and budget.

Call Our Maintenance Department Representative to find out more about our maintenance contracts:

Gary Lewis
Tel: 292.0881 | Cell: 705.1084 | Email: mb.ca1513192248b@siw1513192248elg1513192248
BAC’s Answer to A/C Corrosion
The video below explains in under two minutes:® is the preferred coil coating company of Bermuda Air Conditioning. Their coating, Enercoat® has been applied to new air-cooled condenser units installed by BAC since 2015. However, their coating is even more effective when applied to existing units that have been exposed to Bermuda’s notoriously corrosive environment. The coating is applied after a unique and thorough coil restoration process. This service results in immediate 10-20% energy reduction of the A/C unit regularly resulting in 6-18 month paybacks. It also guarantees the condenser will remain corrosion free for 5 years.

BAC technicians have been trained by® application specialists in the® application process. Owners of equipment that is over three years old should contact BAC for a site survey to assess the savings opportunity at your building. BAC is the only licensed applicator of® on the island. Enercoat® has been given tax-free status as an energy efficiency product by the Government of Bermuda.

If you have an air conditioning emergency, we offer an on-call 24-hour emergency service.

Call 292-0881


We offer commercial refrigeration sales, installation and service to many businesses such as restaurants and grocery stores in Bermuda. Modern Tyler refrigeration racks and display cabinets ensure that both fresh and frozen foods all stay at optimum temperatures and cool, dehumidified air conditioning keeps packaged foods crisp and clean.

Call our Commercial Sales Manager to find out more about these products and more:

Chris Chiappa
Tel: 278.6235 | Cell: 704.0090 | Email: mb.ca1513192248b@app1513192248aihcc1513192248


BAC has Bermuda’s largest and most efficient sheet metal fabrication facility available for both commercial and residential work. It features some of the latest production equipment that includes a computer-driven plasma-cutting machine. This machine is so effective that it enabled all of the ductwork for the 230,000 square-foot Berkeley Senior School to be fabricated in-house from CAD shop drawings produced by our own sheet metal technicians. Our facility can produce any sheet metal product for most applications from black iron, stainless steel, aluminium to galvanized sheet metal.

Stephen DaCosta
Tel: 292.0881 x 261 | Cell: 735.5062 | Email: mb.ca1513192248b@ats1513192248ocads1513192248


We make thousands of residential plumbing service calls a year, solving a wide variety of plumbing problems – no matter the size. If you have an existing plumbing problem or are looking to renovate or build a new plumbing system, BAC is the team to call.

With supplier names like Kohler for fixtures and faucets, Bradford White for hot water heaters and Wellmate for pressure tanks, we represent renowned suppliers and carry an extensive stock on-island.

We also carry a wide range of plumbing supplies including PVC, copper and galvanized pipes and fittings, water heaters and water systems including jet and circulating pumps.

Before you start your next home project, visit our Showroom to find out more about the other brand names and products that we supply. You’ll be glad you did – it’s where the plumbers shop!

For residential plumbing service, call our Service Department Manager:

Jeannine Smith
Tel: 292.0881 | Email: mb.ca1513192248b@hti1513192248msj1513192248

To find out more about our commercial plumbing services, call our Plumbing & Contracts Operations Manager:

Mike Patterson
Tel: 278.6226 | Cell: 707.5319 | Email: mb.ca1513192248b@nos1513192248retta1513192248pm1513192248


If you have a plumbing emergency, we offer an on-call 24-hour emergency service.

Call 292-0881


We are Bermuda’s largest and most experienced mechanical engineering team, specialising in commercial and large residential building services engineering. We concentrate on providing the highest efficiency and performance systems, as well as the best life cycle costing for your mechanical systems including contracts, planning permission, installation, maintenance and energy costs, using the latest standard software for analysis and design.

Our mechanical design services cover the following areas:

  • Air Conditioning
  • Energy Conservation
  • Fire Protection
  • Heating
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Plumbing
  • Refrigeration
  • Ventilation

Call our Engineering Manager to find out more about our mechanical engineering services:

Chris Nash
Tel: 278.6225 | Cell: 705.0824 | Email: mb.ca1513192248b@hsa1513192248nc1513192248


When planning a new commercial building, one of the most important factors to consider is the fire protection and sprinkler system. Our mechanical team at BAC is highly trained in creating a system that protects the building and its occupants.

Grinnell Fire Protection is North America’s largest and most experienced fire protection company, and is committed to offering fire protection and detection through its network of over 150 offices throughout North America. For Grinnell, a fire detection system is more than just a panel and some detectors. It is an electronic safety system that needs to be designed, configured, and maintained to be effective in an emergency situation. To achieve this requires a combination of technology and people with the knowledge of both fire protection and electronics, and the skills and resources to implement systems.

We have a solid working relationship with Grinnell Fire Protection. We are in constant communication with the Grinnell team, who assist us with many of our large-scale fire protection systems. To find out more about these fire protection products, and more, contact:

Mike McNabb
Tel: 292.0881 x 279 | Cell: 734.5063 | Email: mb.ca1513192248b@bba1513192248ncmm1513192248


Our most recent commercial projects have included:

  • Waterloo House (mechanical, HVAC, Chillers, Fire Protection)
  • Seon Place (HVAC, Chillers, Plumbing)
  • Lindo’s Devonshire (Refrigeration)
  • Pricerite Southampton (Refrigeration)


Our Team

Chris Chiappa

Manager, Air Conditioning & Commercial Sales
Tel: 278.6235
Cell: 704.0090
E-mail: mb.ca1513192248b@app1513192248aihcc1513192248


Chris Nash

Manager, Engineering
Tel: 278.6225
Cell: 705.0824
E-mail: mb.ca1513192248b@hsa1513192248nc1513192248

Ken Parker

Manager, Group Operations
Tel: 292-0881 x 249
Cell: 704-2530
E-mail: mb.ca1513192248b@rek1513192248rapk1513192248

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